Latest projects

ShedMuralWall Rainbow Wall Site edocabinsite andeebus bus rainbow window wallYellow Bird is a unique legacy artspace designed for the pleasure and delight of friends and family. And the wider community. Active participation in its creative development is welcomed and encouraged.

Current projects:

1. Solar EcoCabin – self-contained cabin at the top of the High Field with the most stunning view. See the site image.

2. Rainbow Window Wall – a bank of multi-coloured windows on the face of the barn looking out over the lake. Behind this, a new community/exhibition space with writing, cooking, seating, play space. See windows being painted.

3. Kaleidoscope School Bus kids creative play space. Mural to be painted on the outside, fitted out on the inside. See current image, and an example of how it could be painted.

4. YB Kindergarten. Kids play area, with climbable trees, swings, climbing frame etc. Half way there.

5. Cedar Shed Wall – this is a long cedar ‘canvas’ (45’x8′) ready for an art/mural-type installation.

Each of these projects needs time, energy, and enthusiastic participation, and I need help on any and all fronts. Yellow Bird is what we make it.